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Flashing the firmware

Flash the firmware image to image0 or image1 via SSH or via TTL serial as usual.

After flashing, it is absolutely necessary to connect to the SFP via telnet using the IP


Once connected via telnet to the SFP, execute the following commands. Then wait a few minutes until the end of the automatic procedure:


Performing the procedure described above is necessary after each flash of this firmware, otherwise the SFP will not work!

Login info

Username root
Password root
IP address
Telnet Always available
TTL Serial Always available
SSH Only after the first configuration (firstboot)
Web NO

GPON ONU status

Getting the operational status of the ONU

onu ploam_state_get

Getting optical laser status

otop -g s

Getting information of the OLT vendor meg 131 0

Querying a particular OMCI ME meg MIB_IDX ME_IN

Where MIB_IDX is the MIB ID and ME_IN is the ME instance number.

Getting VLAN table rule

gtop -g "GPE VLAN rule"

Getting GEM port status table

gtop -g e

Getting/Setting Speed LAN Mode

To get the LAN Mode:

onu lan_port_status_get 0

The link_status variable tells the current speed:

Value (for sgmii_mode and link_status) Speed
3 1 Gbps / SGMII with auto-neg on
4 1 Gbps / SGMII with auto-neg off
5 2.5 Gbps / HSGMII with auto-neg on

To change the default lan mode value you can use fw_setenv sgmii_mode. The firmware is already set to 2.5G auto-negotiation, you shouldn’t touch it.

GPON/OMCI settings

Setting ONU GPON Serial Number

fw_setenv onu_serial "YOUR_SERIAL_ASCII"

Setting ONU GPON PLOAM password

fw_setenv onu_ploam "YOUR_PLOAM_ASCII"


fw_setenv onu_loid "YOUR_LOID"

Setting ONU GPON LOID password

fw_setenv onu_loid_password "YOUR_LOID_PASSWORD"

Setting OMCI vendor ID (ME 256)

fw_setenv omci_vendor_id "YOUR_VENDOR_ID"

Setting OMCI equipment ID (ME 257)

fw_setenv omci_equip_id "YOUR_EQUIP_ID"

Setting OMCI hardware version (ME 256)

fw_setenv omci_hw_ver "YOUR_HW_VER"

Setting OMCI software version (ME 7)

fw_setenv image0_version "YOUR_SW_VERSION_0"
fw_setenv image1_version "YOUR_SW_VERSION_1"

Advanced settings

Setting custom OMCI MIB file

Copy the MIB file to /etc/mibs, then run this command:

fw_setenv mib_file_custom "YOUR_MIB_FILENAME"

Setting management IP

fw_setenv ipaddr

Restore SFP to default config


SFP EEPROM settings

Setting SFP vendor name

fw_setenv sfp_vendor_name "YOUR_SFP_VENDOR_NAME"

Setting SFP part name

fw_setenv sfp_part_name "YOUR_SFP_PART_NAME"

Setting SFP vendor revision

fw_setenv sfp_vendor_rev "YOUR_SFP_VENDOR_REV"

Setting SFP part serial

fw_setenv sfp_part_serial "YOUR_SFP_PART_SERIAL"

Setting SFP manufacturing date code

fw_setenv sfp_date_code "YOUR_SFP_DATE_CODE"

Setting SFP vendor data

fw_setenv sfp_vendor_data "YOUR_SFP_VENDOR_DATA"

List of firmwares and files