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Hardware Specifications

Vendor/Brand Nokia
Model G-010S-A
Chipset Lantiq PEB98035
Flash 16 MB
CPU MIPS 34Kc interAptiv
CPU Clock 400MHz
System OpenWRT
Optics SC/UPC
IP address
Web Gui ✅ user adminadmin, password ALC#FGU
SSH ✅ user ONTUSER, password SUGAR2A041
Serial ✅ on SFP
Serial baud 115200
Serial encoding 8-N-1
Form Factor miniONT SFP
G-010S-A Teardown
G-010S-A Teardown

Modifying firmware

The Nokia G-010S-A can be flashed with the Nokia G-010S-P firmware, provided the MTD layout has been changed beforehand to match the new one. For the full procedure, see this post on

List of software versions


The stick has a TTL 3.3v UART console (configured as 115200 8-N-1) that can be accessed from the SFP connector.

USB TTL(UART) Adapter SFP 20pins Molex connector
3.3V pin #15 and #16
TX pin #3
RX pin #6
GND pin #14 and #10

List of partitions

dev size erasesize name
mtd0 00040000 00010000 “uboot”
mtd1 00080000 00010000 “uboot_env”
mtd2 00600000 00010000 “linux”
mtd3 004d81b6 00010000 “rootfs”
mtd4 000b0000 00010000 “rootfs_data”
mtd5 00600000 00010000 “image1”
mtd6 00100000 00010000 “configfs”
mtd7 00210000 00010000 “logfs”
mtd8 00010000 00010000 “ri”
mtd9 00010000 00010000 “sfp”
mtd10 00010000 00010000 “ribackup”

List of software versions

  • 3FE46398AFGA95
  • 3FE46398AFGB89
  • 3FE46398BFGA06
  • 3FE46398BFGB18
  • 3FE46398BFIB36
  • 3FE46398BGCB22
  • 3FE47111AFGB89
  • 3FE47111BFHB32

See more info on: Firmwares G-010S-A


Enabling serial

fw_setenv bootdelay 5
fw_setenv asc0 0
fw_setenv preboot

GPON ONU status

Getting the operational status of the ONU

onu ploamsg

Getting information on the OLT vendor meg 131 0

Querying a particular OMCI ME meg MIB_IDX ME_IN

Where MIB_IDX is the MIB ID and ME_IN is the ME instance number

Getting/Setting Speed LAN Mode

Velue Speed
4 1 Gbps / SGMII
5 2.5 Gbps / HSGMII with auto-neg on

To enable the interface to sync at 2.5 Gbps speeds / using HSGMII with auto-neg on:

fw_setenv sgmii_mode 5

To revert the change back to default:

fw_setenv sgmii_mode

To get the (H)SGMII Mode:

onu lanpsg 0

The link_status variable tells the current speed

GPON/OMCI settings

Enabling parameter modification

This setting must be set in order to perform other parameter modifications

ritool set OperatorID 0000

Getting/Setting ONU GPON Serial Number

To check the current serial number:

onu gtcsng

To set the current serial number:

ritool set MfrID ABCD
ritool set G984Serial 012345678
ritool set YPSerialNum 012345678

Getting/Setting ONU GPON PLOAM password

To check the current password (the password field contains decimal values of ASCII characters):

onu gtccg

This value can be changed using the web interface.

Getting/Setting OMCI software version (ME 7)

The software version must be changed by directly modifying firmware by using the patches found in the wiki’s page about the Nokia G-010-A ONT and then adding a folder 0001_swversion that contins a file with the following content:


set -e


echo "Changing to software version desidered"
sed -i s/3FE46398BGCB22/3FE45655BOCK99/g "$ROOTFS/usr/etc/buildinfo"

Where 3FE46398BGCB22 is the current software version and 3FE45655BOCK99 the desired software version

Getting/Setting OMCI hardware version (ME 256)

ritool set HardwareVersion 3FE47211EGAA
ritool set ICS 01

Getting/Setting OMCI equipment ID (ME 257)

This ONT is designed to save Nokia’s equipment ID, specifically to set the equipment ID of a Nokia G-010G-Q the following commands are to be used:

ritool set CleiCode __________
ritool set Mnemonic G-010G-Q__

Where CleiCode is the prefix and Mnemonic the postfix.

Advanced settings

Transferring files to the stick

# scp rootfs.bin root@

Backup of all partition

Make a backup of all partitions, an easy way is to run these commands:

  • On the stick run:
    cat /proc/mtd
  • For each mtdX run this command in the lantiq shell:
    cp /dev/mtdX /tmp

And in the computer shell:

scp ONTUSER@ ./

Checking the currently active image


Setting management MAC

ritool set MACAddress 12:34:56:78:9A:BC

Setting management IP

ifconfig eth0:1 netmask

Flashing a new rootfs via SSH

The following commands are used to flash a new rootfs to image1 and then boot to it:

mtd write /tmp/rootfs.bin image1
update_env_flag 1

Disabling Dying Gasp

uci set gpon.gtc.nDyingGaspEnable='0'; uci commit gpon

Rebooting the ONU


Miscellaneous commands

cat /configs/image_version
cat /usr/etc/buildinfo
ritool dump

Miscellaneous Links

  1. The last model letter in a Nokia/Alcatel ONT indicates the variant: A-M ALu ONT Manufacturer, P-Z external Manufacturer