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4 ASCII characters

Needs to be set for the OLT to authenticate your ONT; please read your original ONT’s Serial Number, it can be either in HEX or ASCII: if it’s codified in HEX, you need to convert the first eight HEX digits to ASCII, for example 48575443 = HWTC.

Here is a list of the most popular Vendor IDs:

ID HEX ID Vendor Name
ALCL 414c434c Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent
AVMG 41564d47 AVM (FRITZ!Box)
CDKT 43444B54 KingType
CIGG 43494747 Cig
DLNK 444c4e4b Dlink
ELTX 454c5458 Eltex
FHTT 46485454 Fiber Home
GNXS 474e5853 Genexis
GPON 47504f4e Generic vendor name
HALN 48414c4e HALNy
HBMT 48424d54 HiSense
HWTC 48575443 Huawei
ICTR 49435452 Icotera
ISKT 49534b54 Iskratel
LEOX 4c454f58 LEOX
LQDE 4c514445 Lantiq
PTIN 5054494e Altice/PT Inovação
RTKG 52544b47 Realtek
SCOM 53434f4d Sercomm
SMBS 534d4253 Sagemcom
SPGA 53504741 SourcePhotonics
TMBB 544d4242 Technicolor
TPLG 54504c47 TP-Link
UBNT 55424e54 Ubiquiti
YHTC 59485443 Youhua
ZTEG 5a544547 ZTE
ZYWN 5a59574e Zyxel