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Hardware Specifications

Vendor/Brand Free/Iliad
ODM Product Code  
Chipset BCM63153
Flash 4GB eMMC 5.1 KLM4G1FETE-B041
RAM 2x 512MB DDR3L-1866 NT5CC128M16JR-EK
CPU Clock  
Load addr  
SFP 1G-BASEX, 10G-BASESR-LR, HSGMII (only AFM0003ILD), PON equivalent symbol EPON 10/1
Ethernet 2 1GbE, 1 2.5GbE LAN/WAN
Optics SC/UPC
IP address
Web Gui
Serial baud 115200
Serial encoding 8-N-1
Form Factor CPE with SFP w/o MAC support


The serial port is routed through the USB-C port used for power (which is PD compliant, tested with a notebook power supply). The pins are SBU1 and SBU2, reversal is handled using an open drain buffer (SN74LVC2G07) so a pull-up resistor on RX is needed. On the power daughter board TP7 is TX and TP8 is RX. There is also a USB differential pair routed through the USB-C connector but there is no use for it yet. At the moment nothing more than a boot log is available. 1 2

SFP Whitelist

  • WTD RTXM166-401-C13 (EPON w/o MAC)
  • WTD RTXM166-401-C11 (EPON w/o MAC)
  • Hisense LTF7215-BH+ (EPON w/o MAC)
  • Technicolor AFM0003 (GPON with MAC)
  • SFP Copper 10Gtek (1 and 10 Gbps)

Miscellaneous Links

  1. Pwning the bcm61650 

  2. Firmware key extraction by gaining EL3