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Hardware Specifications

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Vendor/Brand Ziza
Model OP151S
ODM Product Code TW2362H-CDEL
Chipset Lantiq PEB98035
CPU MIPS 34Kc interAptiv
CPU Clock 400MHz
Flash 8 MB (GigaDevice GD25Q64CW16)
RAM 64 MB (Nanya NT5TU32M16FG-AC1)
System eCoS
Optics SC/APC
IP address
Web Gui โœ… username admin or guest, password 1234 or guest
SSH โœ… username admin, password admin
Telnet ย 
Serial โœ…
Serial baud 115200
Serial encoding 8-N-1
Form Factor miniONT SFP
Ziza OP151S
Ziza OP151S
PMG3000-D20B Teardown
PMG3000-D20B Teardown
PMG3000-D20B Teardown
PMG3000-D20B Teardown


The stick has a TTL 3.3v UART console (configured as 115200 8-N-1) that can be accessed from the top surface: itโ€™s near the SFP header. TX, RX and ground pads need to be connected to a USB2TTL adapter that supports 3V3 logic.

PMG3000-D20B Serial Pinout
PMG3000-D20B Serial Pinout

Firmware is interchangeable with:

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